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Why live with a dog that’s driving you nuts – just because of the Coronavirus?

While the media blabbers on and on about COVID 19, you’ve probably noticed one piece of advice that the talking
heads tend to gloss over:

It’s Okay To Go Outside (Especially With Your Dog!)

According to Dr. Ruth Berggren, an infectious disease specialist at UT Health San Antonio: You don’t need to stay
cooped up inside your house all day as long as you’re being smart and cautious.

And according to best selling dog training author Adam G. Katz, “It’s especially important during times like these that
you stimulate your dog’s mind through training and play. It prevents a buildup of frustration and anxiety.”

Your Dog Can Sense Your Emotions, and the stress you feel at this time could be making your
dog's behavior problems worse.

As long as you maintain at least six feet from another human (and remember to wash your hands!) … you’re going to
be alright.

You’re going to be alright. Both you and your dog. But…

… your dog shouldn’t have to suffer because of this virus.

In case you’re wondering: Dogs can’t catch the Coronavirus.  Thankfully!  (Global veterinary diagnostics firm Idexx
Laboratories is confirming that statement as of March 19. 2020.)

But even though your dog is safe, is there still a possibility that somebody (a dog trainer, for example?)
carrying the Coronavirus could touch your dog’s coat and then you later catch the virus when you pet your

Not with our newly developed “COVID 19 Safe” dog training protocol.

Here’s How You Can Still Get Your Dog Professionally Trained (Without Risking Contagion!) … Because Of Our
Newly Developed “COVID 19 Safe” Dog Training Protocol.

We’ve been busy developing a safety protocol that allows you to continue to get your dog to listen to you, anywhere
you go – without putting you in jeopardy of catching the COVID 19 Coronavirus.

Our “COVID 19 Safe” Dog Training Protocol Means That Your Dog Won’t Miss Out On A Good

This means that we at Front Range K9 Academy can still help you stop the biting, barking, nipping, chewing, pulling on
the leash, running away and pretty much every other dog behavior problem you may be dealing with during these trying

During the COVID 19 crisis, we’re offering:

  • Internet-based One-on-One Dog Training programs:  During the 'shelter-in-place' and Statewide quarantines,
    and for those desperate dog owners who need to play it extra safe (for example, if you’re in your Golden Years or
    you suffer from a compromised immune system) … your dog can still benefit!  Skype & Zoom are free apps that
    let anyone video chat between computers, tablets and mobile devices. (Available for both Apple IOS and Google
    Android). We have designed a dog training “coaching” program that allows us to work with you… and you don't
    even have to ever leave your home!

  • All lessons will now be conducted outside, weather permitting. When the quarantines are lifted, our dog
    trainers will coach you through the handling exercises – while staying 6 feet away at all times, and observing other
    Covid-19 Safe Dog Training protocols.  We'll be using a tie-out mechanism that you’ll easily attach your dog’s
    leash to – and then back away before we work with your dog. We’ll also be wearing nitrile gloves if we need to
    handle your dog or leash at all.

  • $25 Evaluations:  (normally $100 to $150 value) that are done OUTSIDE, weather permitting, and when the
    quarantines are lifted … where our dog trainers maintain a strict “at least 6 feet away” distance from you at all
    times. Typically we don’t even need to handle your dog during the initial evaluation, but if we do – then we use a
    tie-out mechanism that you’ll easily attach your dog’s leash to – and then back away before we work with your
    dog. We’ll also be wearing nitrile gloves if we need to handle your dog or leash at all.

So instead of you and your dog lying around the house and losing your minds, the Coronavirus may end up
being the perfect opportunity to stop all of your dog’s behavior problems.

Call Front Range K9 Academy now to learn more about our “COVID 19 Safe” Dog Training Protocol and schedule your
$25 dog training consultation, evaluation and temperament test.

Call: 720-839-1102
Here’s Why The Coronavirus May Be The Perfect Opportunity
To Stop All Of Your Dog's Behavior Problems