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Beware of puppy
classes that are all
play and no
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Get your puppy off to a great start!

  • Housebreaking, crate training, reducing chewing/nipping/biting, problem
    solving, & impulse control exercises.

  • Leadership skills for the owner, 'leave it' command, 'wait' command, &
    continued impulse control.

  • Appropriate canine and human socialization.  There is a HUGE difference
    between throwing a bunch of puppies together to browbeat each other (we
    compare this to trying to teach a child good social skills at a Chuck E.
    Cheese pizza party) and PROPER canine and human socialization practice.

  • Specialized Exposure Training - work your pup around a wide variety of
    surfaces, scents, sights, smells in a safe and fun environment to avoid fear
    and anxiety later in life.

We'll help you to avoid the common pitfalls of raising a puppy, and set a foundation
for learning for life.

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and/or have their 2nd set of shots to come
to our puppy classes.  Contact us for scheduling information.
Puppy Training 101
Beware of puppy classes that are all play and no learning.

Too often, we see pups that have learned bad habits in so called 'puppy
classes' that are really only play groups. Some have been bullied in these
groups, or worse; they've learned to
be the bully.  Join the trainers at
Front Range K9 Academy in learning the right way to raise and train your