Canine Obedience
Learn the secrets of professional dog behaviorists.  At Front Range K-9 Academy, we
evaluate your dog before any counseling begins, to ensure you get the methods that fit your
individual needs.  With our programs, you don't waste time or money on techniques that
don't work.  You get maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

We have four
Levels of counseling to meet any owner's goals:

  • Whether you have a puppy or adult dog...
  • Whether you just want a well-behaved pet...
  • Whether you want to see just how smart your dog is...
  • Whether you want a dog for showing, herding, tracking, search and rescue, or

Want a dog that  pays attention to you, even in the face of distractions such as
food, other
dogs, cats, squirrels, geese, & other people

How about a dog that listens - and responds the
first time you give a command.  A dog that
sits when you say sit, comes when you say come, and walks nicely on a loose leash.  A dog
you don't have to yell at, but instead responds to your every-day speaking voice, the first
time you give a command.

At Front Range K-9 Academy, we can teach you to be a better owner, and your dog to be
the most obedient dog in the neighborhood!  Imagine, no more embarrassing 'walks' where
you get dragged down the street.  No more embarrassing moments at the dog park because
your dog won't come when you're ready to leave.  

Every dog owner benefits from knowing the basics of canine obedience.  And every dog
needs its owner to give it guidance, exercise, and attention.  Our Canine Obedience
programs build an unbreakable bond of mutual respect between you and your dog.

Have a dog that needs more than basic obedience?  Check out our
problem solving and
aggression links.
Why Wait?  Behavior Problems don't solve themselves.
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