Is your dog a Pet or a PROBLEM?
Is your dog struggling with:

  1. Aggression towards humans, other dogs, or other animals?
  2. Chewing and destroying shoes, toys, furniture, carpeting or other valuable
  3. Destructive Behavior inside or out, including digging, scratching at doors, and
    severe chewing?
  4. Excessive Barking that annoys you, your neighbors, and friends?
  5. Jumping up and scratching or tearing at clothes and skin?
  6. Pulling on the Leash so much that you avoid taking the dog for walks?
  7. Separation Anxiety - the perfect dog when you're home, but a wreck when
    you're not?
  8. Thunder and Noise Phobias - do you dread July 4th and thunderstorms?
  9. Potty Training - is your dog soiling the house on a daily, weekly, or monthly
  10. Escaping from the house, the yard, or the car - and not coming back when
    you call?
  11. Snapping and Nipping at hands, faces, clothes?
  12. Other Behavior Issues?
If you answered "yes" to any of these problems, we can help!

All of the above  issues are problems that can be eliminated or controlled through our
unique behavior modification programs.
Why Wait?  Behavior Problems don't solve themselves.
Call us today and start enjoying your dog again!
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