Problem Solving
Learn the secrets of professional dog behaviorists.  At Front Range K-9 Academy, we
evaluate every dog to ensure you get the right counseling to fit your dog's needs.  With our
procedures, you don't waste time or money on techniques that don't work.  You get
maximum results in the minimum amount of time.

We specialize in helping dogs with the following behavior problems:

  • Separation Anxiety (these dogs cannot be left alone without extreme damage to their
    owner's home, escape attempts, or even injury to themselves)

  • Noise and Thunder Phobias (extreme fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, firecrackers,

  • Canine Compulsive Disorders (these dogs exhibit compulsive behaviors such as
    obsessive licking, tail-chasing, or extreme light-reactivity)

  • Over-excitability and Bad Manners (barking, chewing, digging, leash pulling, jumping
    up, snapping and nipping, etc.)

  • House-soiling problems

  • Aggression (please click the link to find out more about aggression)

Our specialized behavior modification techniques will help you and your dog deal with
serious problem behaviors.

In extreme cases, our certified canine behaviorist can even work with your veterinarian to
determine if behavioral medication will help your dog.

Just need basic obedience help?  Check out our
canine obedience services.
Why Wait?  Behavior Problems don't solve themselves.
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