Aggression Control
Aggression is a very serious issue.  Before undertaking an aggression control program, you
must admit that there is a problem.  You must understand that an attack is an attack, and
that aggression is aggression - regardless of whether it happens only once, or whether it is
a common behavior for your dog.

You must be dedicated to hard work.  You must commit yourself to following your
behaviorist's instructions completely.  You must also be aware that in many aggression
cases, the aggression will
never be fully eliminated - it will always be present - but it can be
controlled.  As an owner of an aggressive dog, you must realize the enormous liability and
responsibility you have.  

We can help you with the following types of aggression in your dog:

  • Dominance Aggression (dog-on-dog, owner-directed, & pack structure)

  • Resource Guarding (possessive aggression related to food, toys, attention, etc.)

  • Fear Aggression

  • Territorial Aggression

  • Predatory Aggression (aggression related to prey drive)

  • Redirected Aggression (displaced aggression related to a heightened state of arousal)

Our specialized behavior modification techniques will help you and your dog deal with these
serious problem behaviors.

In some cases, behavioral medication can help.  Our certified canine behaviorist can  work
with your veterinarian to determine if medication will help your dog.

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