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Not Your Average Obedience Class

Don't get lost in a big group class, with amateur trainers...get
specialized, custom training that fits your needs.

In our personalized training classes, we teach you and your dog the
same way we train our own demo-dogs.  You get the benefits of
distraction-proofing, expert training, and courses exclusively designed
exclusively for you and your dog.

We offer all of our obedience classes both privately and in select small
groups, depending on your dog's needs.

Let's Start with the Facts:

  • A dog cannot be obedient to you and be pulling, digging,
    snapping, barking, biting, etc., at the same time!

  • It is easier, physically and mentally, to bring about behavioral
    changes with a dog who has been made more responsive through
    obedience training. - Bill Koehler
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Multiple Training Options to Meet Your Needs

Core Obedience:  There is absolutely nothing 'basic' about our Core
Obedience program.  We'll give you all of the essential skills you need to have a
well behaved, mannerly companion for the rest of your dog's life.  
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information on this life-changing, dog-changing class.

Social Obedience:  As dogs become more and more a part of our lives, it's
vital that they know how to behave - in public, when we have guests, and in all
social situations.  If you want a dog who is calm, polite, and a great citizen, this is
the class for you!

Advanced Obedience:  You know who you thought you just wanted
a 'good' dog...and now you've been bitten by the dog training bug, and you're
having so much fun that you've decided you want a
great dog!  This course is for
graduates of our entry levels of obedience who want to continue perfecting their
handling skills, and their dog's proficiency in the real world.

Elite Obedience:  Unleash your dog's potential with Elite training skills! Learn
how the professionals
achieve reliable, predictable, consistent responsiveness.
ncrease you and your dog's enjoyment of life together - by mastering the secrets
to freedom and off-leash safety

Additional Classes and Training Resources:

Polishing Classes:  Whether you're struggling with something new in the class
you're in, or you just want to brush up on skills you learned with us in the past, then
our "Use it or Lose it" polishing sessions offer lots of practice time with real-world
distractions and situations.

Sniffing Scent-sations - Nose Work 101:  Want to have some fun with
your dog? Nose Work is the fastest growing dog sport in the country, and for good
reason - it's something EVERY dog can enjoy, all ages and breeds and even
those with reactivity or anxiety!

Nose Work gives your dog's nose a job in a fun, casual environment that doesn't
require any previous obedience classes or training. Your dog will learn to search
out his/her favorite treat or toy by using their nose the way nature intended,
developing confidence along the way!

AKC Canine Good Citizen Classes & Testing:  Lead Trainer Jennifer
Pearson is an AKC CGC evaluator and has a class just for those wishing to
achieve this title with their dogs.

Puppy Training:  Got a new puppy?  Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of puppy
raising and look forward to a lifetime of fun and companionship with our unique
Puppy Class.

Workshops & Seminars:  From our popular "Holiday Manners" workshop,
to seminars on dog reactivity and anxiety disorders, we've got lots of 'extras' to
keep your dog busy, well-behaved, and happy.