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What's the best behavior modification method for your dog?
In today's canine world, all of the choices you have can be confusing!  Only you can
decide what method you are most comfortable with when working with your dog.  After all,
your dog.

At Front Range K-9 Academy, we use the
'Whole-Dog' Method.  This simply means that
instead of teaching your dog with a bunch of training tricks, bribes, or forced behaviors, we
build on its natural drives and instincts.  And it means we teach you how to think like a dog:  
we teach you about pack hierarchy, leadership, and mutual respect.

Every dog and owner team is counseled according to the results of our initial evaluation.  
This means you get individualized techniques that meet your dog's unique needs.  We also
incorporate our own demo-dogs into the process, so you get all the benefits of distraction
proofing and socialization,
plus courses exclusively designed for you!  We never have more
than 4 student dogs per class (you can also choose private sessions).  

We teach you how to use rewards and humane corrections to get the best results.  Instead
of food treats, we encourage verbal and physical praise as a reward. We generally do not
use food treats as a reward unless we are working on extreme behavior modification.

And yes, we do teach you how to correct your dog -  closely mimicking the way another dog
would give a correction.  We DO NOT advocate striking, kicking, or yelling at your dog.  We
absolutely do not allow harmful or unwarranted corrections.  

Why do we use the Whole-Dog Method?  After 16 years, and approximately 1700 dogs,
we've found it really works!
Why Wait?  Behavior Problems don't solve themselves.
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