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Our Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:

    1.  Most problem behaviors that owners report are actually normal canine behaviors that don't fit into a human household.  So a lot of owners end up
    trying to fight against the dog's natural behaviors.

    2.  Training programs that only focus on ignoring or correcting these behaviors are unfair and frustrating to both the dog and the owner; and they
    just don't give lasting results.

    3.  Teaching the owner and the dog new behaviors improves the relationship, and produces enduring & reliable results.

At Front Range K-9 Academy, we're less interested in getting into the current debate about the various training methods, and more interested in training dogs!

Our trainers are well-versed in both traditional and positive reinforcement techniques.  Our open-minded style focuses on working with your dog's natural drives
and instincts to teach you the secrets of
communicating with your dog.  Our job is to teach you how to work with your dog's individual temperament to get the
best results.  

Why do we train the way we do?  After 29 years, and over 8000 dogs trained, we've found it really works!  

If you're interested in real dog training, for the real world, contact us today or
click here to learn more about our methods and philosophy.
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