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We evaluate every dog before we ever begin counseling - to be sure you're getting what you
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Most of our clients choose to take one or more of the programs below, because they get the
benefits of
unlimited behavior sessions and custom-tailored techniques - all in our
one-of-a-kind programs.  Plus, we offer substantial discounts (up to $300.00)  for any
programs purchased together.  
Counseling Level I  - This course will teach your dog how to listen to you, no matter what!  This
course is a must-have for dogs of any age, size, or temperament
Difficulty Rating:  easy to moderate - owners must be able to follow verbal and written directions.  
Puppies & dogs must be at least 12 weeks old.  

  • Canine Leadership (learn to 'speak your dog's language')
  • Distraction-Proofing (teach your dog to focus on you even around other dogs and people)
  • canine etiquette (learn the secrets of canine communication and how to avoid the causes of
  • Leash Manners
  • Problem Solving

Counseling Level II - This course is for anyone who wants their dog to behave - anywhere they go!
Difficulty:  moderate - appropriate for older puppies, mature dogs, and graduates of Level I

  • Obedience Skills (with obedience skills, your dog stays busy doing the right thing, instead of the
    wrong thing!)
  • Distance-Proofing to 15 feet (the first step to off-leash safety is distance-proofing)
  • Advanced Distraction-Proofing (challenge your dog with every distraction under the sun)

Level III - Ready for a challenge?  This course teaches advanced obedience, boundary training,
intense distraction and distance proofing.
Difficulty:  intense - suitable for very diligent dog owners, previously trained dogs, and graduates of
Level II

  • Greetings (meet new people and new dogs quietly)
  • Hand Signals (add hand signals to your voice commands)
  • Distance-Proofing to 50 feet
  • Boundary Training (stay in your yard, etc. without a leash or fence)

Level IV - Gain off-leash reliability, precision-level obedience, and the ultimate in dog obedience
Difficulty:  rigorous - only suitable for those owners who are really serious about dog obedience.  
Must take previous 3 levels or test out to take this class.

  • off-lead polishing
  • recall to finish (teach a formal, wrap-around finish after come)
  • off-lead heel
  • out-of-view stay (go into a café and get your coffee, your dog will hold a stay outside)
  • string test (does your dog break the string?)
  • off-lead recall
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