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Why would you
settle for a
obedience class?
"Frannie" and "Griff", practicing their down-stays.
Senior Trainer, Jennifer Pearson and "Sirk" working the heel.
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There's nothing 'basic' about our Core Obedience
training program,
because we've developed a program that goes beyond
basic obedience!

We've combined a method that is more than 70 years in the making, with our own
trainers' years of experience with teaching humans and their dogs, along with over
8000 dogs trained  - to bring you the most comprehensive training program available.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our Core Obedience program combines private training and group training
sessions - so you get the advantage of one-on-one attention with a professional trainer,
and the benefit of working around the distraction of other dogs and handlers when your
dog is ready.
How does it work?

The first 3 to 4 sessions of our Core program are one-on-one sessions with you
and your dog to ensure success.  

During these sessions we focus on teaching attention and focus, problem-solving,
and reliability.

Once your dog has achieved the skills listed above, you'll join a small group
(never more than 3 to 4 dogs per class), to begin adding new skills and to polish
your foundation skills around the distraction of other dogs and handlers in class.

Why do we train this way?

With more than 8000 dogs trained, we've found it really works!  Making sure you
and your dog are ready to move on to the next skill set, and ready to move on to
a group is the key to successful training.
"After my mediocre experience at [a generic training facility] one of my friends
recommended Front Range K9 Academy and I am so happy I took my lab there. Not
only did Jen teach me the tools I needed to communicate with my dog, she also
gave me a new perspective on what it means to be a dog owner. Our experience
was beneficial and refreshing. I would highly recommend Front Range K9
~Becca Corona, Denver, CO