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Court-Ordered & Legal Entanglement
Training is on the rise.

In the past year, the number of owners we've seen who are
legally required by the courts to get professional help for
their aggressive dog has more than tripled.

It's always better to do training
before you end up in the legal
system with a bite case and court-ordered dog training, but if
that has already happened, or is happening to you, we're
here to help.

We can help.

We teach owners to safely and effectively handle their dogs
in stressful situations, as well as how to significantly reduce
the possibility of a dog bite.  

Make no mistake, aggression is a serious issue that requires
extreme dedication and commitment on a dog owner's part.

All sessions with legal entanglement, animal control or police
reports or complaints, court-ordered training, etc. are
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These Special Aggression Control sessions are

We require a $125 reservation fee on all legal- or court-related
temperament evaluations and consultations.  

This $125 fee is applied to the $250 session.

Cases that fit into this category include:

  • All Bites that have required medical attention - whether
    there is legal action currently or not.
  • All Bites or Aggression incidents with formal complaints -
    to animal control or the police of the given county, city, etc.
  • All Bites or Aggression incidents that are currently in
  • All Bites or Aggression incidents that are pending in court.
  • All Bites or Aggression incidents for which you have
    retained legal services.
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